Investments and Life Bonds

Planning your Investments

At Strategic Wealth Limited, we enable you to save your funds in a number of different types of investments or ‘asset classes’:

  • Foreign currency
  • Collectibles (antiques or art)
  • Commodities (such as coffee, oil, antiques or gold)
  • Cash (this can be saved in your bank or building society)
  • Shares (these can be used to buy a stake in a company)
  • Property (investing in a residential or commercial building)
  • Contracts for difference (bet on shares which are decreasing in value)
  • Fixed interest bonds/securities (a loan of your money to a company or the government)

Often, investors experience the best performance from their portfolio when their funds are spread between various types of asset class, as this significantly lowers risk. Our advisors will show you how you can utilise these asset classes to expand your portfolio.

Life Bonds

Life Bonds allow you complete freedom to either create your own bespoke portfolio or to appoint an Investment Adviser to manage the portfolio. Alternatively the trustees of the Offshore Life Bond will appoint an Investment Adviser to the bond.

In most jurisdictions, an Offshore Bond is viewed as a non-income producing asset and investments can generally be traded without incurring immediate tax liabilities, other than a small amount of withholding tax deducted at source. This allows you to benefit from tax deferral as taxation charges will not arise until certain withdrawals are taken from the bond or the bond is surrendered.

UK policyholders currently have an added advantage of taking 5% of the initial premium per annum, as a tax-deferred partial withdrawal, without giving rise to an immediate tax liability. This is known as an annual “Permitted Allowance” and if not used then it may be carried forward to the following year.

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