Our pensions provide the ideal way to ensure your retirement years are spent hassle-free. Regularly paying a fixed sum of instalments into a pension can be set up an employer, an insurance company, the government or instructions such as trade unions and employer associations. In order to ensure you don’t out-live your pension, you can purchase an annuity, a contract which will provide you with an income for the remainder of your life. We also offer the following types of pension:

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SIPP stands for Self Invested Personal Pensions and is a government approved pension which enables you to choose from a variety of investments approved by the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK.


The ACORN LITE SIPP permits investments in cash and up to a further two regulated investments. Investments such as commercial property and UCIS are not permitted.

The fees reflect the work that is done not the size of the fund. There is no minimum or maximum fund size, and it is underpinned by quality service standards. The fee structure could not be more transparent, and the SIPP works best with things like platform investment and Discretionary Fund Management accounts, but there is a wide investment choice available.

Because there is no set up fee or transfer fee, it may suit advisers who are unhappy with their current SIPP Provision.

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Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS)

SSAS have been around for much longer than SIPPs. They are “corporate” schemes and can include up to 12 members.

Typically, the members are family members or business partners. Each SSAS has its own trust deed and rules, and all members must be trustees. Usually there is a sponsoring employer, but since ‘A’ Day a member does not have to be an employee.

There is no longer a requirement for a Pensioneer Trustee, but in most cases a professional trustee will prove invaluable, because of the complexity of the legislation and because it reduces the “risk” in the eyes of HMRC. We are happy to discuss our role in the set up of any SSAS and are willing to be professional trustee or administrator, if this is what is required.

There is still a need and a demand for SSAS despite all the publicity about SIPPs, and in many cases they can be a more satisfactory (and cheaper) option.

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Launched in April 2006 and popular with British expatriates, the Qualifying Recognised Pension Scheme (QROPS) has been designed to enable UK citizens living overseas, or those planning on moving/retiring overseas permanently, to receive the transfer of UK pension benefits set by HMRC.

This scheme can also be used for a person who was born abroad and has built up benefits in a HMRC approved UK pension scheme but has decided to return to their home country to retire. This flexible form of pension means your nest egg can be established in any QROPS-friendly jurisdiction and does not have to be held in your new country of residence. QROPS are renowned for their tax advantages on death benefits and drawdowns and their avoidance of UK taxation.

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Since its launch by the HMRC in April 2006, the Qualified Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS) has been available to British citizens who permanently reside outside the UK. The scheme enables you to transfer your UK based pension assets to a scheme based overseas and invest more regularly than UK-based pension schemes allow. One of its main advantages is its flexibility – there are no maximum age limits when it comes to contributions.

To qualify for a QNUPS you must be a resident in the UK when the payment was made, for tax purposes or at least in the year that the tax payment was made, or in any of the five tax years previous.

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