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I got to know Darren when I was Head of Tax at Ernst and Young and in that time and now with my own practice I have always found Darren to be a very easy person to deal with which I think is a very important quality to have. Furthermore, I regard him as a person of the very highest integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs financial advice.

Gerard Mahr
Chartered Taxation Advisor

I worked with Darren over a period of 5 years where I have nothing but positive feedback!

I sat in numerous interviews for clients I referred to him for financial advice.

Darren was always able to work with clients from any walk of life and attune himself perfectly to whoever was sitting in front of him.

He has a very relaxed style which put my clients at complete ease. All my clients have great trust in Darren, where I have had a number of requests directly from my clients for Darren’s personal contact details.

A point I would like to highlight is that Darren does not allow any client to proceed with any business until he is confident himself that they understand what they are signing up to. I have actually seen him turn business away on more than one occasion because he did not think it was right for the client. It is for these reasons that I was always happy to refer clients to him and in the 5 years we worked together, he did not let me down once.

Darren was a real asset to myself, my client and the Bank; I know that he will continue to be in any job he takes.

Rachael Boys
Associate, Relationship Management
International Personal Banking, Nat West Offshore

I have been friends with Darren for almost 35 years. We have not actually done any wealth planning business together for this reason. We had always agreed that because investments can and do lose money, it was better not to risk a lifetime friendship. However, when the financial markets started to implode in 2008, I found myself on the phone to Darren asking what I should do with my investment portfolio. Very calmly, he asked me if I needed the money, and if I did, to get it out of the market. However, if my time horizon continued to be long term, and my attitude to risk had not changed since placing the investment, he not only told me to hold my nerve but to invest more capital as the market tracked downwards!

My first thoughts were that he was crazy, however, I have always trusted Darren and followed his advice. I am extremely glad that I did. I am currently sitting on a very healthy overall return on my money. For this reason, I will be looking for Darren’s help for my next round of investment advice. Thanks old lad but you still have no idea about football!! Up the Foxes 😉

Jon Brewin
Personal Friend of 35 years and Joint Managing Director of Gelscoe Motorsport Limited

“Steve has a unique insight into the offshore market that most UK based IFAs do not share.

He has extensive knowledge of the products and services available in the international arena which gives him the ability to assist both clients and fellow IFAs to identify the solutions to modern day financial issues.

From making an introduction to finalising the planning he maintains the relationship between the product provider and the client so that each party is updated and informed at every stage of the process.”
David Erhardt, STM Fidecs Gibraltar

“I have known Stephen for a number of years and he has aways been such a pleasure to do business with. He’s always been consistent and his attention to detail is outstanding. He’s trustworthy, forward-thinking and also extremely professional, organised, hard working and committed to building great rapport.

I would recommend Stephen’s services with no hesitation.” December 6, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, expert, high level of integrity

Ash Steffan
Hired Stephen as a Business Consultant in 2009

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Darren for over 5 years, and during that time I had the opportunity to witness Darren’s utmost professionalism when dealing with clients financial requirements.

Darren has the ability to build up long lasting relationships with customers, regardless of their background or financial awareness – Darren has the customer’s best interest at heart, and during the years we worked together, has always been able to assist clients and colleagues alike finding the best solutions for their money.

I never had any hesitations referring any of my clients to Darren – and the fact that customers come back looking for Darren after years from the start of their relationship is great testament to his work ethics”

Sabrina Cosgrave
Relationship Manager at RBS International Limited

“Steve is highly professional and thorough in his job. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and leads the way where others follow. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage in his advice.” September 1, 2011

Top qualities: Results driven, expert, excellent value for money

Stephen Meadows Chartered MCSI
Hired Stephen as a Financial Advisor in 2010

“In all the years I have known Stephen, he has continuously shown himself to be a truly dedicated Advisor/Manager. His technical knowledge is second to none and his ability to network and build client relationships can be seen through the various organisations that he is involved in. I certainly have no reservations in recommending Stephen to colleagues and clients.” March 15, 2011

Robert O’Connor DipPFS, Manager, Private Banking, Lloyds Banking Group

“I have known Steve for nearly 10 years now as we used to work together in the Lloyds TSB Offshore centre. Steve is a real people person and has always made time for people, from his friends to his colleagues and clients. He just loves socialising. No wonder he is a really successful networker, financial advisor & friend.” October 21, 2009

Donal Carroll, Business Development Manager, Lloyds TSB Offshore

“Steve has been a partner on many of my projects both as a supplier and as a client. He knows exactly who to ask for the answer to any of the issues I have been unable to resolve over the years. Trustworthy both in terms of honesty and his record of delivering quality work on time, I hold Steve in the highest regard and would not hesitate to recommend him to friends or business colleagues.” October 20, 2009

Top qualities: Results driven, personable, creative

Tony McKenna
Hired Stephen as a Business Consultant in 2006

“Stephen is a well known professional, with extensive knowledge of the Offshore environment, and his passion to succeed is admirable. Stephen is commercially savvy and always ensures he is able to deliver with realism and he is well able to help businesses grow and develop.
He displays great intellect and drive to get things done and I am very pleased to recommend him.” September 18, 2009

John Sheath CDir FFA FAIA FIOD, Owner, Cornerstone Consultancy

“Stephen is a professional and knowledgeable financial advisor who I would be happy to recommend.” July 4, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, expert, high level of integrity

Lee Penrose
Hired Stephen as a Financial Advisor in 2006

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